Big Pepe Makes Big Comeback

Brem Liburd on board Mr. BIG PEPE

Sports Page—Monday 29th July 2013–The excitable President of the Nevis Turf and Jockey Club Alllister Thompson, could hardly contain himself as he announced the main event of the day. It was race number four of the first of two Horse race meets for Culturama 2013. The event was held at the Indian Castle race track on Sunday 28th July.

Thompson, also co owner of the champion horse, MR. BIG PEPE, made it clear that although his horse had been beaten in the Easter races, that he had ‘retuned the engine’ and that PEPE was going to leave the competition by a wide margin.

‘Don’t start me up you know—or you gine can’t get me stop you know,’ he said using a Prime Minister Douglas imitation voice. ‘I have already taken my pressure tablets,’ he exclaimed, much to the amusement of the huge crowd.

As it turned out, he did not need to resort to the pressure tablets again, as MR. BIG PEPE, ridden by the experienced BREM LIBURD, left the competition in the dust, by a couple of horse lengths. Thompson, Trainer HAWK and the entire support crew, celebrated in grand style.

The race meet got off to a late start and the jockeys in the first race of the day, served to frustrate the spectators by adding a number of false starts to the delay.

However, the races were generally competitive, even though the final race came down to only two horses: OBAMA and SHAKEN SHAYE, with the ‘presidential’ horse winning by a handsome margin; in fading light.

Here is a summary of the races:

Race one
Dashing Dale
Omega’s Moment
All Eyes on Me

Race Two
Lady Pleasure Gottogetarythym
Princess Melody Race Three
Rosman Lady Boss
Sheik Sung Race Four
Mr. Big Pepe Real Aspectation
Wild Candy Race Five
Obama Shaken Shaye

The next race meet is scheduled for Sunday August 11th and all of the top horses are expected back on the track again.

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