Bird Rock-Bay Road Junction Traffic Lights Commissioned

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, February 23, 2023 (ZIZ Newsroom)- The Bird Rock-Bay Road junction traffic lights were commissioned on Wednesday and are now in operation.

This was revealed during ZIZ radio’s programme “On the Road” on Wednesday.

Traffic Signal Specialist, Barrington Cross explained how traffic will flow now that the lights have been turned on.

Traffic Signal Specialist, Barrington Cross

He stated, “Coming from the roundabout along Bird Rock, you have two lanes at the traffic lights. You have an exclusive lane turning, right, so you use that lane to turn right from Bird Rock onto Bay Road, and then you have another lane, a through and left lane that takes you right like you’re heading towards KFC along, Bird Rock or you can make a left into Rams. The circulation for the Rams supermarket will be changed so you are now allowed to enter the Rams Supermarket from Bay Road or also from Bird Rock coming from the roundabout to take the left, so that entrance that you see on Bay Road, it’ll now be transformed into an entry.”

Bird Rock Lights 2

He continued by outlining how persons will have to maneuver when they want to make a right turn from the ECCB roundabout onto the Bay Road.

“Going back to the turning lane, coming from the roundabout, you’d have noticed a five-section head on the mast arm pole. Now with the movements for the right turn arrow, when you see that right turn arrow comes on there, you are what we call a protected movement. You’re allowed to turn right, but in all cases, you still have to look. You are freely allowed to make a right turn. When that arrow terminates and you get a green ball, if there is no motorist coming from the opposite direction or cars, you are allowed to turn right.”

Sergeant Sophia Henry from the Traffic Department also said that there is a change to one of the roads in the area.

Sergeant Sophia Henry from the Traffic Department

“Also some changes will be made to one way up in that area. The road directly between Rams Supermarket and the wholesale, that’s the one that leads to Automotive Art it’ll be a one way where you’ll only be able to go up, you won’t be able to come down and come out on the main road. You only can take a left turn when you’re coming from north to south. You cannot take a right turn when you’re coming from south to north because you’ll be cutting across the traffic.”

“On the Road” airs every Wednesday at 9:30am on ZIZ radio during the “Morning Show” with GCue.

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