Bodies of fishermen feared killed by pirates wash ashore in Guyana

CrimeSceneDGEORGETOWN, Guyana (CMC) – The bodies of two fishermen reportedly killed by pirates washed ashore on Monday promoting their colleagues to urge the authorities to provide more protection for those engaged in the trade.

Police said the decomposing bodies of Omesh Derhup, 36, and 22-year-old Naresh Persaud, 22, were discovered late Monday a week after armed pirates allegedly attacked and killed five fishermen while at sea. Media reports said that a third body had also been found but the police have not confirmed the reports.

The men were due to have remained out at sea for 12 days on the vessel “Miss Seema” which was later found abandoned on July 25.

A post mortem examination indicated that Persaud’s death was due to multiple injuries. The results of the examination on Derhup have not yet been released.

The owner of the vessel, Beeram Persaud, believes that the crew members were victims of piracy.

He said the Government needs to do more for fisherfolk and that the authorities should follow the lead set by Suriname where pirates are jailed for as much as 35 years.

“The Suriname Government looking [out for] their people and have gun boats to look after their people. That’s what this government needs to do, look after we own people first,” he added.

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