Body building: Help for Lazarus

Body builders (left to right) — Colin Lazarus; Eric Stapleton; Trevor Chapman; Des Parry and Joseph Liburd

ZIZ Sports…May 16 2012 — Community Sports Development Officer, Trevor Chapman on Tuesday joined forces with members of the Nevis Body Building Association to solicit assistance for top local body Builder Colin Lazarus in order for him to participate in the prestigious Miami Southern States Body Building show to be held in Miami in the USA between July 7th and 14th. He also appealed to the corporate bodies on Nevis to lend their support. He also pointed to the value of Sports Tourism and what Colin’s representation at such an event can mean to a Tourist paradise like Nevis.

Local Body Building enthusiast Joseph Liburd also made a passionate plea for assistance for the local strong man, noting that he is a disciplined athlete and one who is committed to training and will definitely represent the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis well. He indicated

Another member of the Association Deslyn ‘DES’ Parry urged the general public to make whatever donations possible: ‘It could be $1.00; $5.00; $100.00, whatever you can afford, every little thing helps,’ she stated. She indicated that donations can be made at the popular Fitness center located in the Ram’s Complex or to any member of the Association. Letters will also be sent out to the business places on Nevis to solicit funds as well.

She noted that meanwhile the Association will be involved in several fund raising activities. These include an old school dance and a Weight Lifting show on dates and venues to be specified shortly.

Eric Stapleton who is not only Lazarus’ boss and personal Trainer indicated that the young muscleman has been working extremely hard in the gym and generally. “We sometimes hit the gym as early as 4.30 am and then again at 6.30 pm. He is a hard worker.’

Liburd also had high commendation for Stapleton. “He is one boss that I admire. Every time Colin has an upcoming event, he would give him two or three weeks off from work, with pay so that he can fully prepare. That is truly commendable,’ he said.

He also pointed out that Body Building is a very expensive sport without a lot of monetary rewards.

Lazarus for his part was highly pumped. ‘I am almost there,’ he said confidently. He then went on to give details as to his current diet, noting that it was expensive to maintain but absolutely necessary for success. He also indicated that he is also undergoing a rigorous training routine. “If they call the show tomorrow, I am ready, but definitely I will be peaking by the end of June. I am asking the general public to assist me in getting there and when I get there I am going to represent you well,’ he promised. He then took off his shirt and made a few stunning poses for the NTV camera.

Other upcoming events for the year that Lazarus and other Nevisian athletes will be hopefully participating in include:

The St Maarten Invitational—30th June

End of July—Eastern Caribbean Competition

Caribbean and Central American Competition—at the end of September in Puerto Rico

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