Brand awareness a contributing factor to record numbers for the tourism industry

(ZIZ News) — Minister of Tourism Hon. Lindsay Grant says brand awareness plays a major role in the success of the country’s tourism industry.

He said by marketing St. Kitts around the world, persons become interested and want to visit our shores.

“Brand awareness: more persons regionally and internationally regionally are getting to understand that St. Kitts is ready for business and so it’s been a work in progress and so we have continued to keep Brand St. Kitts, the name, out there. We have done a significant amount of marketing all across the world to make sure that St. Kitts is here, it is ready for business and we have a service to deliver,” he noted.

Minster Grant says it is necessary for tourism officials to travel to promote the country, in efforts to attract the number of visitors that is expected.

“They come to St. Kitts because we go out there, engage them, tell them what we have to offer, tell them we have the best to offer. So they are inquiring minds and so they come to see if what we say we can deliver, we can deliver. I am certain, based on the ranking we have that– number 3—they have said that yes St. Kitts is delivering,” he said.

On Thursday St. Kitts welcomed 5 cruise ships with approximately 16,000 passengers on board.

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