Brantley Explains Reasons for Dual Diplomatic Representation in the U.S.

(ZIZ News) – Dr. Everson Hull is designated as Ambassador to the Organisation of American States (OAS) while Dr. Thelma Phillip-Browne serves as Ambassador to the United States. Foreign Affairs Minister, the Hon. Mark Brantley used his appearance on “Working for You”, to explain the reasoning behind having dual representation in the United States.

He said in making the decision, the government sought to balance out the work load and responsibilities.

“Ordinarily, that single ambassador has full duties to the United States which in and of itself is a herculean task to keep up with all that is happening in engagement with the United States and at the same time have engagements for the Organization of American States (OAS) and various Latin American countries,” said the Foreign Affairs Minister.

“The OAS as we know represents over 30 important countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, Canada and these countries are all represented there and so for one person to have all of that responsibility, we thought for the first time, let us bifurcate the responsibilities. Let us have Ambassador Hull dedicated to the OAS and Ambassador Phillip-Browne dedicated to the United States,” he added.

Brantley said Foreign Affairs Ministers in other countries are now looking at adopting this model, noting “it is a first but we are known for being first in other things and I have had very good responses from fellow Foreign Ministers, saying that they to are now looking at this new model because their people have also complained that it is difficult to keep up with all that is happening.”

He added, “The reality is I think this government has said in the Cabinet’s mandate to me as the minister, we need to take foreign affairs seriously. We have recognised what happens to country when it is not taken seriously and for all of you who need to apply for visa to go to Canada, and who were turned down or who had difficulties recognise that that is what happens when it is not taken seriously.”

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