Brazil ex-President Lula’s cancer treatment ‘a complete success’

President Lula da Silva

ZIZ News…March 30 2012 — In October last year, upon receiving a diagnosis of cancer, former Brazilian President Lula da Silva immediately went public and held a press conference together with his doctors to explain that they had detected a cancer in his larynx.

He underwent a complex six months treatment in Brazil and was given chemotherapy and later radiotherapy.

Yesterday, the Brazilian medical team responsible for his treatment informed that nuclear magnetic resonance and laryngoscopy exams done in Brazil “show the absence of any visible tumor.”

Lula, as he is popularly known, said on Wednesday he intended to return to active politics. The former president stepped down with record approval ratings at the end of 2010, after two terms in office, because Brazil’s constitution prohibits a third consecutive presidential term.

“I will return to political life because I believe Brazil needs to continue to grow, develop, generate jobs, improve the lives of millions and millions of Brazilians who managed to enter the middle class… as well as those who dream of joining the middle class,” Lula said in a video message.

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