Breaking News: Condor, Richards file order to restrain new Attorney General

The Hon. Sam Condor, The Hon. Shawn Richards

ZIZ Newsroom, Basseterre, February 1, 2013 — The Hon. Sam Condor and Hon. Shawn Richards have filed an order to restrain the new attorney general, Jason Hamilton.

Mr Condor told ZIZ News this is a direct result of the proceedings in parliament on Tuesday.

“We had great concerns with the procedures that were taking place and so we’ve asked the court to give us a declaration on whether what was done in parliament on Tuesday was legal, permissible, and constitutional,” he said.

Parliament passed the increase in Senators Bill 8-7.

Condor says he’s taking this action because he’s fundamentally opposed to the bill and he’s doing what he feels he has to do as a parliamentarian.

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