Brimstone Hill National Park Society continues Year-Long 50th Anniversary observance

Cameron Gill
Cameron Gill

(ZIZ News) — The Brimstone Hill National Park Society is continuing activities as it marks its 50th anniversary under the theme “Celebrating 50 Years: Restoring, Preserving and Managing Our Heritage”.

This week, Cameron Gill, General Manager of the Brimstone Hill National Park, visited ZIZ’s studio to speak about two major upcoming events: the 50th anniversary lecture and anniversary banquet.

Planned for Thursday 21st May, the lecture will feature Dr. Lennox Honeychurch as its guest speaker.

“The guest lecturer is Dr. Lennox Honeychurch who will be traveling here from Dominica specially to deliver our 50th Anniversary Lecture,” Mr. Gill stated, adding that “The venue for this is the University of the West Indies Gardens at Fortlands. The time is 7pm on Thursday 21st of May and to all viewers, please look out for more information on all of our media, coming from both the Brimstone Hill Society as well as our partners, the University of the West Indies Open Campus.”

Dr. Honneychurch will speak on the topic “Using Our Heritage Resources for Education, Recreation, and Tourism.”

Meantime, tickets for the anniversary banquet are already on sale and Mr. Gill gave the assurance that the event will be elegant and entertaining.

He said, “This is our biggest event coming up…on Saturday 23rd May at the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park so, for those of you fortunate ones who will be at the banquet, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the incredible ambience of Brimstone Hill at night. The events starts at 7:30, please patrons, please be there early because there would be cultural performance from 7:30 until 8 so you do not want to miss the cultural performance.”

The Brimstone Hill National Park Society was founded in April 1965. Members of the anniversary committee have been recognising this milestone since the start of the year and will continue to do so by hosting other activities throughout the remainder of the year.

“We launched this celebration on the 5th of April with a previously recorded televised address by our President Sir Probyn Inniss and on that same day, Sunday 5th April, we also had a 50th Anniversary Church Service at the St. Anne Anglican Church, Sandy Point. We’ve also had several other events since that. We’ve had a special edition of Round Table which has been well received by the general public, there was a special edition of WINN FM’s Heritage Matters which I was the guest and spoke about the society and we also had a 50th anniversary theme competition among the school children on the island,” he said.

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