Brimstone Hill Prize Giving Ceremony

(ZIZ)– Several students have been awarded for their performance in the Brimstone Hill National Park Society School Quiz.

A prize giving ceremony was held on Thursday evening.

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park held the ceremony to thank and acknowledge the students that took part in the quiz.

Sir Probyn Inniss
Sir Probyn Inniss

President of the Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society, Sir Probyn Inniss thinks it’s important to give appreciation where it is due.

“We’re not as quick to commend as we are to condemn and we felt that it was very, very important to have this ceremony.”

Sir Probyn said he believes that next year will be even better, especially as they plan for the anniversary of the historical site.

“We have already begun to plan in order to make that very, very special because sometimes we over look the fact that it was due to the efforts of the individuals who formed that society and who persevered that we today can boost in this small island of having a world heritage site,” he noted.

The quiz formed part of the society’s history and heritage month of activities.

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