Bringing Up Disciplined Children: Prime Minister Harris Applauds Role Played By Church

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, February 22, 2021 (MMS-SKN) — Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris is applauding the church community in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis for the important role it plays in not only educating but assisting parents on how to bring up their children in faith and being well-disciplined in their day to day life.

“We have heard the words of encouragement from Pastor Roysdean Richards, who is also a guidance counsellor at one of our high schools, as he recommended the young parents on how they should bring up their beautiful daughter, and not to rely on the community to help them raise their child,” said Prime Minister Harris on Sunday February 21 at the end of a dedication service for a baby.

The Honourable Prime Minister was among family and friends who attended the worship service which was held at the Good News Baptist Church in Lime Kiln, West Basseterre, where Pastor Roysdean Richards dedicated Baby Amalia Whyte who was supported by her parents Ms Patricesia Brown and Mr Amal Whyte, and godparents.

“As a nation founded under God, and we are ceaselessly thankful that the church is playing a crucial role in ensuring that our people recognise that there is place for God in our lives – our children included,” said Dr Harris. “This is something that I encourage, and the reason my Government affirmed its support for the church by creating the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs when we first got into office in 2015.”

Prime Minister Harris thanked the young couple for developing the moral compass of putting the interests of their daughter first and using the church as a platform to give the child a strong foundation that will make her a model citizen of the country. With the country’s young people exposing their children to godliness, the church and the Sunday school, Dr Harris observed that the country’s future looks great.

“As we come to dedicate, this is like the honeymoon,” said Pastor Roysdean Richards to the parents and godparents of Baby Amalia. “But then it comes to the responsibility of raising – that is the part many parents have dropped the ball. It is all good to have the honeymoon and everything is good now because – look at that little bundle of joy – but think there is the responsibility of raising that child.”

The parents were advised that God would hold them accountable for the raising of the child, and they should not depend on the community. He added: “Yes, we are grateful when the community can help, but the responsibility is yours.”

Pastor Richards further told the new parents that the training they will give their daughter involves discipline, and implored them not to be afraid to discipline, and not to bother with the neighbours when they tell them anything different.

“It is your child,” said Pastor Richards. “I am not saying abuse, but you are responsible for disciplining that child. The Bible still holds strong and true when it says ‘spare the rod… boy, some of the parents say that they wish that they used the rod… spoil that child’. God is going to hold both of you accountable for the raising of this child.”

Baby Amalia was presented with a miniature New Testament by Pastor Richards who told the parents: “It belongs to her, and let she keep it by her side. Let her go to sleep with it next to her, and as she gets to the place where she can read it, let her begin to read the word of God. I am telling you, you will have no regrets. It would always lead her in the right path.”

At the end of the dedication service, Mr Amal Whyte said: “I just wish to give thanks to the Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris for coming and showing his support, on this our baby’s dedication. I will take good care of Amalia – I have been doing that, I will just continue with the help of God.”

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