Bronx Crisis to face off with CG Rebels in Best of Three Finals

Sports Page — Well, it has been finally decided.  After many weeks of preliminary games, the two finalists for the NABA league have officially sealed their spots.

Defending champions CG Rebels had already done so on Sunday night and so it was left to be seen which of the remaining two teams would get the available spot.

The critical match was played on Tuesday night between the Bronx Crisis and the Brantley Church Ground Massives.

It was a tight game throughout with both teams winning two quarters each. However, the Bronx men held their nerves in the final quarter to eventually win by 5 points.

Game summary:

Bronx Crisis 59 CG Massives 54

1st quarter – Bronx Crisis 12 CG Massives 8

2nd quarter – CG Massives 16 Bronx Crisis 14

3rd quarter – Bronx Crisis 17  CG Massives 13

4th quarter – CG Massives 17 Bronx Crisis 16



  1. Hutton   17pts   8rebs  2ass  8steal  1/4 free throw
  2. Usha    7pts     5rebs  1ass  0           1/2 free throw
  3. Esdaille 4pts 5rebs  1b.shot  2/4 free throw
  4. Isles  2pts 1reb  1steal
  5. Wallace  14pts 9reb 0ass 2steal  0/1free throw.
  6. Williams  10pts  7reb  1ass  3steal


  1. Stapleton  10pts  1reb  3ass  0/2 free throw
  2. Bramble  6pts 11reb  0ass  3steal  3b/shots
  3. Lewis  4pts  6reb  4ass 3steal 2/2 free throw 0b/shot
  4. Franklyn  4pts 6reb 2ass 1steal 3b/shot
  5. Harding  15pts  3reb  2ass  1steal  1b/shot 2/4free throw
  6. Smith  12pts  7reb  0ass  1steal 0b/shot 2/4 free throw
  7. Belle  8pts  7reb  3ass  1steal 1b/shot  4/4 free throw

It means therefore that Bronx Crisis has qualified for the finals versus the Cotton Ground Rebels team.

There will be 3 games for the finals. The first game will be played on Thursday 16th July 2015 starting at 7.00p.m. On Sunday 19th July, one game will be played between OLD SKOOL and CHURCH GROUND MASSIVE  for the third place starting at 6.30p.m.

All games will be played at the Grell Hull-Stevens Netball Complex.

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