Bus Association Officials Discuss Solutions For Issues Concerning The West Line Bus Terminal Ahead Of Its Completion

Basseterre, St. Kitts, July 22, 2020 (ZIZ News): Ahead of the completion of the West- Line Bus Terminal, representatives from the West Line Bus Association and the St. Peter’s Bus Association visited the studios of ZIZ radio on Wednesday for the programme “On the Road ” to discuss some of the issues and solutions that can be implemented upon its completion.

President of the West-Line Bus Association, Nicholson Webster informed that since the bus stop near Redi Fried Chicken on the Bay Road has been moved it has had an effect on the flow of traffic at the West-Line Bus Terminal.

 “Because the east line is no longer able to stay there, they’re coming down at the west line and the west line right now is really congested so there’s further congestion right there,” he said.

He also called for a solution that will mitigate the problem.

“So if we could probably get something in place where we can have them come to drop off in a designated area it would help because sometimes they just come down there and stop as soon as they get in and it creates a real problem not only for the buses but for other vehicles that are trying to get in so that’s a real issue.”

Webster also recommended only allowing other motorists to drive through the terminal when dropping off and picking up someone to alleviate some of the congestion issues at the terminal.

On the Road” airs every Wednesday on ZIZ radio at 8:30am during the “Morning Show”. The programme is also streamed live in all its social media platforms.

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