C.M.O. dispels rumours about the “Superbug”

PatrickMartin-3(ZIZ News) — Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Patrick Martin has addressed concerns surrounding an Antibiotic Resistant Bacterium that has been making headlines in the U.S. media.

Dubbed the “Superbug”, the bacterium C.R.E. or Carbapenem-resistant EnteroBacteria can lead to serious illness.

Dr. Martin said, however, there is no need to panic as the number of infected patients is small and the bacterium has only been transmitted when a contaminated internal camera is used on another patient.

Carbapenem-resistantEnteroBacteria-1“It’s a medical instrument that’s transferring the superbug from one patient to another, so it’s not a matter of coughing and sneezing, or shaking hands and having sex and mosquitoes. It’s a medical instrument that’s transferring the Superbug from one person to another,” he explained.

Dr. Martin said even if an infected person traveled to St. Kitts, the bacterium would not be contagious.

“We don’t have that particular instrument here. We do endoscopic surgeries and examinations but we don’t have that particular instrument. And we follow international standards in relation to sterilization so there’s no chance of an instrument here transmitting it from one person to the next,” he explained.

Dr. Martin warned that some media houses blow issues out of proportion. He therefore advised residents that there is no chance of an outbreak of the Superbug in St. Kitts and Nevis.

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