Cabinet urges Parliament to support bill to elect Deputy Speaker

National Assembly

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, JANUARY 22ND 2013 (CUOPM) – The St. Kitts and Nevis Cabinet is again lending its support to the Senators (Increase in Number) Bill, that would result in the election of a Deputy Speaker in the National Assembly.

Minister of Information, Sen. the Hon. Nigel Carty said Members of Cabinet on Monday discussed the next sitting of Parliament due January 29, 2013 when the Parliament would likely conclude its debate on the Senators (Increase of Number) Bill.

“It was emphasized that in this critical period of our political evolution, and considering the matters which are likely to come before the Parliament in due course, namely, the 2013 Budget and the Motion of No Confidence, and which are expected to generate comprehensive and lengthy debates over several days, if tabled, it is absolutely in the best interest of the country to seek through the Senators Bill, an opportunity to appoint a Deputy Speaker to provide support to the Speaker and avert any undue delay should the Speaker become incapacitated or unavailable for parliamentary business,” Minister Carty said.

“It was on that basis that it was hoped that the bill would receive the support of the Parliament to be made law and to provide for the more effective and efficient discharge of the business of Parliament,” said Minister Carty in a Post Cabinet briefing.

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