Cable and Wireless Hosts Technology Tour in St. Kitts Nevis

(ZIZ News) – LIME St. Kitts-Nevis Ltd. Is introducing revolutionary ways to do business in the technology sector, through the hosting of a Technology Tour.

The product offered at the first official tour on Thursday, was “My Office”, which enables businesses of all sizes and types to integrate their telecoms data on one platform.

General Manager, David Lake, said LIME intends to make the tour an annual event.

He said, “The Technology Tour that we are offering is something we want to do regularly, at least once a year where we at LIME would bring to the market, to our business customers, the business community what we have to offer: the new stuff, the new technology, how we could impact their lives, how we could make their businesses more efficient and the like.”

Director of Customer Premise Equipment and Hospitality Solutions at Cable and Wireless Business Solutions, Craig Schnoor, highlighted some of the product’s features.

“From a My Office perspective, we are going to be introducing new, more efficient ways that businesses can communicate,” he stated.

“We’re taking the revolution of the smart phone, we’re taking the revolution of the internet and the tablet revolution and we’re basically embracing this technology into the business and with Avaya and Juniper, through My Office you’re going to be able to collaborate more effectively. A lot of our small businesses, we’re never in our office, we’re always on the road. A lot of times we have a company that wants to do business with you and when they call the number and you’re not in the office you lose that business and we can’t afford to lose any business. We have to make sure that we’re always available. So with the My Office solution we’re going to make sure you are always available,” he added.

Cable and Wireless teamed up with global business solutions providers Avaya and Juniper to provide “My Office” through its subsidiary, LIME St. Kitts Nevis Ltd.

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