Call for a New Approach to Developing Climate Adaptation Strategies in the Caribbean

Dominated by coastal communities, climate change impacts such as sea level rise (SLR), is projected to cost the Caribbean region US$187 billion by 2080. A 1-metre (3.3-foot) rise in SLR is expected to displace 110,000 people throughout the Caribbean with The Bahamas expected to feel some of the greatest impacts, affecting five per cent of the Bahamian population, three per cent of their urban districts, 36 per cent of their coastal resort properties, 14 per cent of their roadways and six per cent of the agricultural land.

And in her dissertation titled, ‘Ecosystem-based Adaptation and a Nexus Approach to Climate Adaptation in The Bahamas,’ Kendria Ferguson calls for a two-part approach to developing effective climate adaptation strategies that will address climate change impacts and related socio-economic issues faced throughout The Caribbean.

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