Calypso Semifinalists Announced

ZIZ News — After two nights of eliminations both Alamoulou and Socrates scored 237 points.  The judges gave Alamoulou position number one and Socrates number two.

One point behind them were Astro and Lady Diva who tied with 236 points. Astro was given third place and Lady Diva fourth.

They were followed by Richi Buntin, Kinta, Rudder, Singing Jackie, Lord Payne, Quantash, Zarkie, Mighy Honesty, Kibi, Lord Kut, I Soursop and Bra Bread.

These sixteen Calypsonians now move on to the semi-finals.

The two reserves are Ayatollah and Persuader, who tied with 188 points.

The calypso semifinals take place on 15th December, 2013SeniorCalypsoMonarchEliminationsResults


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