Canadian athletes training here

ZIZ News — A group of young Canadian athletes is here for a nine day training camp at the Silver Jubilee Stadium.

The Ministry Of Sport has teamed up with Olympic gold medallist Bruny Surin to host the event.

Speaking at a welcome ceremony at the RLB Airport’s VIP lounge on Wednesday, Surin said this camp is his way of lending a helping hand to the Olympic stars of tomorrow.

“”I’ve had a great career.  At the beginning I had people who believed in me; I had people who helped me.  And I couldn’t just finish and say ‘Well I had a great career’ and forget about the future, next generation. So that’s why we created the foundation,” he said.

Minister of Sport the Hon. Glenn Phillip says hosting the camp here shows that overseas athletic groups have confidence in the facilities in St. Kitts and Nevis.

“The fact that the Government has spent so much money building our facilities.  This is a manifestation of…if you’ve looked at the movie: ‘build it and they will come’ and this is a manifestation of that,” Phillip said.

Apart from the physical training the 19 athletes will be given sessions on motivation, visualization, psychology, nutrition, and injury prevention.

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