Canadian embassy hosts education fair in Suriname

Paramaribo, Suriname — The embassy of Canada held a three-day educational forum in Suriname to expose Surinamese students to educational opportunities for study in Canada. The initiative took the form of a mini education fair working with three pre-selected private schools over the course of three days.

The education sessions were targeted to capture the attention of students, teachers, parents and guardians alike to learn about the scholarship opportunities available and the advantages for Surinamese and international students who choose to consider studying at Canadian Colleges and Universities.

The Canadian embassy’s trade commissioner, Nicole Johnson, hosted the programs and facilitated virtual presentations from EduCanada as well as representatives, from the Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC) to discuss visa issues.

The Canadian embassy collaborated with the International Academy of Suriname, Suriname International School and The Arthur A. Hoogendoorn Atheneum Schools on the mini education fair and met with over 200 students interested in learning more about opportunities for higher education.

Through the virtual and in country presentations students were able to ask questions and seek clarity on the types of programs that Canadian colleges and universities offer and students were apprised of the process of obtaining scholarships, visa permits and other concerns. The presentations were scheduled to coincide with the period of college and university registration to best prepare students in Suriname to access higher education opportunities in Canada.

Through this mini education fair, Canada sought to build stronger ties with Surinamese educational institutions and where possible create new opportunities that would position Surinamese students to align their educational interest to grow their country’s economic sectors. In the coming months, the Canadian embassy will pursue a larger fair that will include both private and public schools.

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