Cancer patient urgently needs EC6, 000 for a medical procedure

Arlene Caines needs financial assistance
Arlene Caines needs financial assistance

(PLCC) Client Support Coordinator, Pink Lily Cancer Care, Tracy Parris, is making a second appeal to well wishers on behalf of a cancer patient, Arlene Caines, a resident of New Road, St. Kitts who urgently needs EC6, 000 to have a Port-A-Cath implant in Antigua to enable her to have chemotherapy at the Oncology Centre in Nevis.

Caines insurance cover has enabled her to raise 80 per cent of the EC20, 000 required for her treatment costs. The remaining EC6, 000 which she is unable to raise will meet the cost of the Port-A-Cath implant and her accommodation while in Antigua. She is scheduled to fly out on Wednesday 23rd October.

Caines, 53, had chemotherapy sessions for 6 months from 2009-2010. She said the year 2011 was challenging for her, “I had severe stomach pain and whenever I ate, I vomited – nothing stayed down.”

“Initially, I was treated for gas. When I went to the hospital they gave me medication for gas. The pain continued and so I went to see a surgeon who advised that I had ulcerated stomach. The pain was persistent and l began to lose weight. I was admitted to the hospital and had several tests done but the pain didn’t go away. I was in and out of hospital,” Caines said.

Eventually they found a mass (spot) on her lung. Her stomach continued to hurt. It was recommended that she goes to Trinidad to remove the mass .Even though a medical procedure was done, the pain persisted.

“In 2013 when I went for my routine check-up it was discovered that there are multiple masses on my lungs and a spot on my liver. I have been getting abdominal pains. As a result of the situation I have been on and off the job on sick leave. The doctor is reluctant to perform surgery as both lungs are now affected and there are multiple masses. He has recommended chemotherapy but I will need financial assistance,” Caines said.

For further information call Tracy Parris, Client Support Coordinator 1 869 6643306 or email

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