‘Candid’ to Debut On ZIZ Television

(ZIZ)– A new exciting entertainment program is set to debut on ZIZ Television as part of the Friday night line-up.

‘Candid’ first aired on Nevis Television (NTV) producing over 100 episodes.

Host of the show Jaedee “Ms. Skittles” Caines spoke of what Candid is all about.

“Candid is an exciting entertainment programming which starts tomorrow [Friday] on ZIZ. What we are hoping to do is to showcase or highlight past shows. It could be queen shows; it could be calypso shows, whatever. Anything that we find entertaining, we hope to bring it to the audience. So it’s gonna be really laid back on a Friday night. Yes, half an hour,” Caines explained.

According to Caines, Candid which is a show for the entire family is a form of entertainment with a difference.

“In terms of why we are choosing past shows to showcase on Candid, we wanted something that is different. We find that there are shows that promote what is happening now but there are a lot of past events maybe talent performances that were really, really good and sometimes we forget them. So we hope to bring them back just so that persons can get an appreciation from whence we came and possibly get some ideas for their future presentations.”

She took the opportunity to invite everyone to tune in to candid.

“I just want to encourage the entire community to tune in to ZIZ Channel Five tomorrow Friday May 2nd for the St. Kitts debut of Candid. It’s going to be extra entertaining. I’ll be your host Ms. Skittles. You’re going to love it.”

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