Caribbean Cable Communications Announces Major Internet Upgrades

George Hill – 4 September, 2012 – Caribbean Cable Communications today announced significant upgrades to its Internet service, providing customers in Anguilla and Nevis with increased speed and reliability, for no additional cost.

“We’re pleased that customers can now reap the benefits of our multi-million dollar investments in technology and equipment to improve our TV, Internet and telephone services,” says Lee Bertman, President of Caribbean Cable. “We recentlyannounced the launch of digital cable TV, and now we have more than doubled ourInternet capacity in both Anguilla and Nevis. With this, our Internet offer -still the fastest and best-priced service available – has gone from fast to blazing fast, with more reliability across the entire network.”

“Thanks to these upgrades, Caribbean Cable now has the most advanced digital IP platformin the Eastern Caribbean,” says John Grey, Chief Operating Officer. “This means a huge boost to our Internet connection speeds, and improved performance of our IP fixed-line telephone service, a big money-saver for our customers.”

“More and more users are simultaneously connecting a growing array of devices to the Internet,whether it is tablets, smartphones or laptops. Now, with these improvements toour Internet service, it is faster and easier than ever to enjoy streaming video, download movies, upload photos and video chat with friends and family.With these enhancements, our customers will have the speed they need to do allthis and more.”

To give new customers an added reason to experience the new Internet enhancements,Caribbean Cable Communications is offering customers in Anguilla and Nevis a special, back-to-school promotion, where anyone who signs up for Internet will receive 50% off their first three months of service, a free modem, free installation and a chance to win a new iPad.

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