Caribseek News Congratulates Invest Caribbean Now — ‘Avalon Invest Caribbean Now 2013 Concludes With A Bang’ -Felicia Persaud

New York, NY, U.S.A. and Willemstad, Curaçao (CSN) -21ST June 2013- Felicia Persaud, CMO of Hard Beat Communications and the architect of the Invest Caribbean Now Investment (ICN) forum, looks back with satisfaction on the just concluded major International Caribbean investment conference that was held in New York City on June 5th.

The keynote speech was delivered by 30-year investment veteran Alan Loewenstein, managing partner of Wedgewood Investment Group, who emphasized that “The Caribbean is ripe for significant investments to spur the region in sustained economic and human growth.”

Other highlights of the Invest Caribbean Now forum included:

  • The participation of over 200 delegates including over 50 government officials including numerous from the Caribbean as well as the U.S. State Department and the Chinese Consulate in New York;
  • The participation of over 100 international private sector investors and business leaders in the forum;
  • Presentation of investment opportunities in the Turks & Caicos Islands by its Premier Dr. Rufus Ewing and his finance minister, Washington Misick;
  • The presentation of the exiting possibilities of United States-Caribbean Community Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) to spur economic development and diversification of the Caribbean region by Anthony Eterno of the Caribbean Affairs Office of the Western Hemisphere Division in the US State Department;
  • The invitation to Caribbean governments to participate in a business development and investment promotions trip to China by Li Li, managing Director of the Chinese American Business Development Center, and seconded by the Consul in charge of economic & commercial affairs of the Consulate General of China in New York;
  • The presentation of the 2013 Invest Caribbean Now Corporate Leadership Award to Royal Caribbean International for its substantial commitment in serving the Caribbean region’s tourism sector and its US$200 million investments in the past ten years;
  • And the participation of the US, Caribbean and Chinese media that resulted in tremendous media coverage.
Li Li, managing director of the Chinese American Business Development Center; Kara Coleman, news anchor of One Caribbean Television and ICN 2013 emcee; Peter Zhang, president of the Sino-American Friendship Society; Mike Ronan, vice president of government relations for the Caribbean, Latin America and Asia at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines; ICN founder Felicia Persaud; Miguel Reyna, director, Port Business Development and Asset Management; Johnny Liu of the American Chinese Commerce Development Association; and Xiaoguang Liu, consul in charge of economic and commercial affairs of the Consulate of China in New York.

“Caribseek News was proud to be a media partner of the prestigious Invest Caribbean Now event. We look forward to continue to work together with Hard Beat Communications to contribute to the growth of the Invest Caribbean Now forum in the years to come,” stated Mr. Willem Da Costa Gomez, CEO of Caribseek International.

“Because of partners like Caribseek News, ICN 2013 was not only the most promoted Caribbean investment forum, but the most promoted investment forum anywhere, with over 1,000 media placements and over 400 in post coverage alone. We are truly blessed,” said Felicia Persaud, the Hard Beat CMO and ICN founder.

About Invest Caribbean Now

The annual Invest Caribbean Now is presented annually by The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) and digital media solutions company, Hard Beat Communications, Inc., during CTO’s Caribbean Week In New York and Caribbean American Heritage Month in the United States. The forum is a strategic match-making event for international business leaders that connects investors and those seeking to do business in the Caribbean with over a dozen governments from this region in one room!

About Caribseek News

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