CARICOM salutes Antigua and Barbuda’s progress in nation building

PM Baldwin Spencer

(CARICOM Secretariat, Turkey, Greater, Georgetown, Guyana) As Antigua and Barbuda celebrates its Thirty-First Anniversary as an independent nation, The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretary-General, Ambassador Irwin LaRocque has applauded the progress made by the Twin Isles in national development.

Secretary-General LaRocque, in a congratulatory message to Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, the Honourable Baldwin Spencer, commended the Member State for its leadership role in the deepening of the integration process and in advancing Services at the regional level. He also noted that country’s Services Industry had earned global recognition.

The full text of the message reads:

On behalf of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), it is my pleasure to extend to you and to the People of Antigua and Barbuda, warmest congratulations on this milestone in your country’s history – the celebration of your Thirty-First Anniversary as an independent nation.

Since Independence in 1981, Antigua and Barbuda has embarked on a process of nation-building and has made admirable progress on several fronts. The development of Antigua and Barbuda’s Services industry has not only earned global recognition but the Community has also benefited tremendously from your efforts in advancing Services at the regional level.

The strong focus on youth development and the advances made in education – particularly towards universal secondary education – augur very well for social development and transformation in your country. The Community also commends Antigua and Barbuda for its leadership role in the deepening of the integration process, both at the regional and sub-regional levels.

Honourable Prime Minister, the Community stands with Antigua and Barbuda as it proudly celebrates under the theme “Antigua and Barbuda, One Family – Uniting for a Cleaner, Greener and More Productive Nation”. This theme is a clarion call to every citizen of the twin isles, to work together as key stakeholders, towards a green economy as one of the pathways to sustainable development, poverty eradication and a strong and resilient Nation. It is also a vivid reminder to the wider Caribbean Community that such collective will is of absolute necessity as we seek to deepen the regional integration process and strive for a sustainable Community for All. Undoubtedly, your country’s unity of purpose will enable you to continue to weather the harsh economic storms of the global crises.

Honourable Prime Minister, I join with the Caribbean Community in extending best wishes for the continued advancement of Antigua and Barbuda and the well being of its People.

One of the activities held on Thursday to mark the occasion was a ceremonial parade.

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