Carnival Calypso King, Astro to Perform in V.I. this weekend

OscarBrowne-1(ZIZ News) — The Federation’s reigning Calypso King, Oscar “Astro” Browne is set to perform in St. Thomas, this weekend, at the V.I. Calypso Competition and International Explosion.

The event is expected to help boost Browne’s career and promote the culture of St. Kitts-Nevis.

On Tuesday, Browne and his Road Manager, Jefroy Morrishaw, stopped by our studio to talk about the upcoming event.

Astro said he is grateful for the opportunity.

“I’m very eager really to get there. As you know, that most of my family lives there, whole heap of fans from Brown Hill and St. Kitts is there so I’m real excited to perform and perform for them especially my mom. I’ve been singing for 17 years and she has never seen me perform and she has made it a date to be there so I’m very excited, eager, anxious, all the adjectives you could use, to get to St. Thomas, get on that stage and make my federation proud,” the calypso monarch said.

Meantime, Morrishaw, who is known popularly as DJ Morrishaw, said he prides himself in being able to expose local performers to regional and international audiences.

He said, “Well over the years, the bands or the artists that been in existence from the late seventies, late eighties onwards, I have been the individual who have taken them out there internationally. From Vibrational Roots who is now Small Axe Band, the Two Cans Band Grand Masters, Ellie Matt, the G.I’s Brass, basically all of the calypsonians that have competed in the calypso finals and make it somewhere. We have taken them across the globe from St. Maarten, the Virgin Islands, Antigua, Canada, Miami, England, Texas, as far as we can reach, we have been trying to spread the culture up there.”

The V.I. Calypso Competition and International Explosion will be held on Saturday 25th April from 7pm at the Lionel Roberts Stadium in St. Thomas.

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