Carnival Chairman Congratulates Astro

SylvesterAnthonyFilePhotoA(ZIZ News) — Chairman of the National Carnival Committee, Sylvester Anthony, said he is happy Astro was victorious in the Senior Calypso Monarch Finals.

“He’s one of the competitors, he is one of the long time competitors, I think the judges’ decision is final, as we’ve told all of our competitors, the judges and we ask all artists to respect that decision, I’m very happy for Astro and I’m glad he’s been victorious tonight,” he said.

Meanwhile, Anthony said he is excited that persons have responded positively to Carnival events and he looks forward to large crowds for the remaining activities.

“We saw that developing during the tents, the crowd somehow seemed bigger. I thought perhaps it’s because some of them were free events, but we had two Soca Monarch semi-finals and we had huge crowds, and these last three events, Soca Monarch Finals, National Carnival Queen Pageant, and the Senior Monarch Competition, the crowds have been huge. This is great news, great news for Carnival. It’s great to see that people are responding very positively to what we have put together. I’m perhaps the happiest man around right now,” he said.

Carnival events continue tonight with the Haynes Smith Caribbean Talented Teen Pageant and the Junior Carnival and Grand Carnival Parades on Wednesday and Thursday.

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