Carnival Chairman says plans are well underway for this Weekend’s Activities

(ZIZ News) — The National Carnival Committee is gearing up for two major activities this weekend.

On Wednesday, committee Chairman Sylvester Anthony spoke with ZIZ’s Jaedee Caines about preparations for the Bar Crawl and Senior Kaiso Semi-finals.

“Preparations are going quite well. Perhaps the most looked after weekend, at least to start the carnival activities, the street activities. The Bar Crawl has become a very well attended and looked forward to event and that’s when we take carnival throughout the length and breadth of the island,” Anthony explained.

Speaking specifically of the Bar Crawl which is planned for Saturday [December 13th], Chairman Anthony said the goal is to take carnival out of Basseterre and place it in the villages.

“We have reserved about 10 party buses and we expect that the majority of people would come with their own vehicles and join us. We’ll be going via Cayon. We have already arranged to have Grand Masters will be situated in Cayon, Kollision will be in St. Paul’s, we will have a hi-fi in Sandy Point and then we will have the Small Axe Band in Old Road and anchoring the event in Basseterre, the Sugar Mill, will be the Nu Vybes Band. Ronnie Rascal and E.K. The Real Right will be on the road and we expect it to be a great day. If last year’s Bar Crawls are a thing to go by, it should be a tremendous day,” he explained.

Saturday’s Bar Crawl will commence at 10am.

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