Carnival committee answers calypsonians’ call to dismiss lyric submission clause

(ZIZ News) — After weeks of heated debate in meetings and on local radio stations, the National Carnival Committee has answered the call of local calypsonians to dismiss a new clause introduced, which stated that artistes must submit lyrics before performing on stage.

In an official carnival press release on Thursday, Marketing Coordinator, Janelle Rawlins spoke of the adjustment to the rules and regulations.

“As per the request of the calypsonians, article six will not be applied to the calypso competition, as done normally, the Carnival Committee will formally over-see the eliminations through finals of the calypso and soca competition . At each stage an indemnity clause will be inserted to address intellectual property rights violations,” she explained.

Rawlins also said that it is the intention of the carnival committee to uplift the calypsonians.

“The Carnival Committee is committed to the holistic development of all artistes and is not in any way trying to censor the lyrical content of any calypso or restrict the creativity of our local calypsonians,” Rawlins said.

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