Carnival Prize-Giving

(ZIZ News) — The National Carnival Committee has announced that the official prize-giving ceremony for Sugar Mas 44 will be held on Friday at Bank Street.

Carnival Committee Chairman, Noah Mills made the announcement on Thursday on G-Cue’s Morning Show on ZIZ Radio.

He gave a brief rundown of what to expect at the ceremony.

“So you’re gonna see all of the winners and participants getting their compensation and incentive packages. You‘re gonna see one or two performances and of course it’s going to be there running until about midnight with musical accompaniment by the GrandMasters,” he said.

He also thanked participants and others involved in National Carnival for their patience.

“We’re thanking them openly for all of their patience and I take the opportunity to say another ‘thank you’ for the patience of some of the service suppliers. They too have supplied services, and continue to, and we’re still processing paperwork and everything else, sourcing the funds to ensure that everything is settled…those accounts. So we’re thanking them for the patience, understanding, and support that they continue to demonstrate,” he said.

The prize giving ceremony is set to begin at 7pm on Friday February 26.

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