Carnival Troupes Get Seed Money

Hon Marcella Liburd
Hon Marcella Liburd

ZIZ News, Basseterre, St. Kitts — Organizers are hoping for maximum participation and support for Sugar Mas 42.

With this in mind, the Ministry Of Culture has decided to again give some financial support to various carnival events.

Minister of Culture, Hon Marcella Liburd says this year; they will be giving carnival troupes seed money to ensure all troupes are able to participate in the festivities.

“The ministry financially supporting the calypso tents along with lime; the ministry financially supports the children’s carnival fully supports the children’s carnival and i want to assure you that this year again like last year, the ministry will also be putting some seed money into the carnival troupes because we want them to come off and we want them to look good,” she said.

LIME sponsored Sugar Mas 42 this year to the tune of $150,000.

Sugar Mas 42 runs from November 22 to January 05.

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