Cayman’s South African Residents Join Move One Million Movement

Cayman Islands, September 8, 2020 (Cayman Compass): On Saturday, nearly three dozen South African residents gathered at Governors Beach to join their voices with other protesters across the world.

“We have decided to come together in the Cayman Islands to stand in unity with everybody in South Africa and around the world to oppose corruption with the government within our country,” said Ramon De Beer, a ‘Move One Million’ supporter.

Clad in black Move One Million T-shirts and carrying homemade signs calling for unity and change, the supporters peacefully protested for three hours on the beach.

On Saturday, the official Move One Million Facebook page shared videos of protesters from across the world demonstrating and demanding change.

Tallis Wessels, another local supporter of the movement who attended the protest, told Cayman Compass he believes his voice, though seemingly small, could have a real tangible impact.

“Anything can make a difference; if there is enough collective energy out there, then we will definitely make a difference,” said Wessels. “If people in South Africa know that there are people internationally supporting them, then it will make a difference.”

De Beer said the South African protest movement is timely, as it comes amid at a time when racism is being focussed on in the US. He said he believes South Africa’s true strength lies in the uniting of all the different ethnicities.

“When you take what South Africa has been through, its history, we need everybody to stand together, we are the rainbow nation,” said De Beer. “When we all stand together, you can see stuff changing immensely.”

The group says it intends to continue mobilising support from around the world in the run-up to the 2024 South African elections.

“Anyone who would like to join the movement can find us on Facebook, by searching for Move One Million Cayman,” said Wessels. “It’s a very difficult situation for us to show support while living in a different country, but if we come together that collective energy will make a difference.”

Source Cayman Compass
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