Celebrating the Seniors Green Valley style

ZIZ News…June 3, 2012 — The recently concluded Green Valley Festival celebration was without a doubt a successful undertaking, which demonstrated that the festival is definitely alive and that the love for community and country is ever prevalent among hundreds of our people.

Armed with his expertise in leadership and management, the new chief of the festival committee Mr. Douglas Wattley brought a core of youth and experience together and made a commendable showing for the sixteenth anniversary celebration of the community festival.

One of the highlights of this year’s celebration was the Senior Gala, dubbed Heritage Day, held on Sunday, May 27, 2012. It was an afternoon of meeting, greeting, reminiscing and hoping among the seniors and the young people in attendance.

The anxious seniors were ushered into the Bethesda Moravian schoolroom to the sounds of the fife and drums of Sylvester’s Masquerade Troupe. Members of the community along with Green Valley Festival Committee coordinator Ms. Shirley Adams and the 2012 second runner up Ms. Tracy-Ann Gaskin gave the seniors a welcome hug and a luau around their necks. Nine-year old Bebe Williams and Zee Williams helped to escort the seniors to their seats. The scintillating sounds that kept the seniors entertained were provided by Rick Parris and on site DJ Razzi. The stage was certainly set for an afternoon of senior recognition and camaraderie.

Green Valley Global’s Public Relations Officer Coreentje Phipps-Benjamin chaired the afternoon’s proceedings which begun when former Headmaster and Cayon resident Mr. Leroy Pemberton opened the afternoon’s festivities with a warm prayer. The scripture reading was presented by the bubbly and vivacious, Ms. Whillelmina Burroughs. Anglican’s youthful Minister Chris Archibald joined in the celebration of the seniors by offering words of commendations to each of them and pledged to do his part in recognizing, honoring and cherishing them for all the hard work they continue to do in our community.

The members of Sylvester’s Masquerade Troupe put on an energetic performance for the seniors who nod their heads, smiled, and danced in appreciation and acknowledgment of the masquerades who sacrificed their time to entertain them.

Director of Culture Mr. Creighton Pencheon lent his proficiency in the field of culture and the arts to take the seniors down memory lane through poetry, the singing of folk songs and reminiscing on days of old.

Mr. Pencheon certainly roused the memories of the seniors who joined with him as he repeated several popular old time sayings popular sayings such as “cockroach no got no call inna fowl house” and “what a joke to d butcher a death to de animal.” He ended by inviting guests to share any message they had in song, poetry or otherwise to which Mr. Amos Pemberton responded with a rendition on his harmonica, along with Leroy and Abraham Pemberton who joined him in song.

The woman of the hour was 99 year old Mrs. Louise Isaac who brought the event down with her powerful rendition of “Ship Ahoy”. She proved that her voice is still robust and that age is nothing but a mere number with her stirring performance. Mother Isaac is a true living treasure.

The group of over 40 guests from Ottleys Village, Cayon, Keys and Canada Estate, joined in a delicious and mouth-watering meal followed by peaches, jello and tasty cake for dessert. The lively bunch of seniors also indulged graciously in the wine spirits and bubbly ciders that were offered for toasting. Meals were also delivered to several of the community’s shut-ins along with several individuals who now reside at the Cardin Home.

Ms. Jerleen Pemberton, this year’s Green Valley Festival Queen also graced the afternoon’s celebration with her beauty and charm and uttered brief words of appreciation to the seniors for their contribution to our community.

New Green Valley Festival Committee Chairman Mr. Douglas Wattley brought the curtains down on the evening’s proceedings by offering warm “thanks” to each and every individual who worked tirelessly to ensure the Senior’s Gala turned out to be the success it was.

The upbeat spirits and clear levels of enjoyment of the seniors on Sunday May 27, 2012, was testimony to the fact that our seniors are hungry to live out their years happily and gracefully and that those who can find time to make them feel appreciated and celebrated should continue their efforts. The rewards are undoubtedly immeasurable.

The members of the Green Valley Global organization are sincerely thankful to the Chairman and his supporting Green Valley Festival Committee cast who came out in their numbers and assisted in making the event a success.

Cheers to our seniors!

Cheers to those who honour our seniors!

Cheers to many more years of service to our Green Valley Community and to our country!

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