CFBC Adult and Continuing Education

(ZIZ News) — Registration is still open at the Adult and Continuing Education (A.C.E) division of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College.

The division which caters primarily to the working class is accepting applicants throughout the month of September.

ZIZ news spoke with Acting Dean in the A.C.E.. Division Wanda Hughes who said one of the advantages of enrolling in the A.C.E.. is the fact that there are no entry requirements.

She explained, “They don’t have to worry about Maths and English. They come and they can access what they need to move on if necessary. We look at their prior learning experience and based on that they can proceed to the advanced level. Another advantage is going through the cost effectiveness of going through A.C.E. The college has a payment plan which means you can actually arrange to pay in instalments.”

The A.C.E. offers 3 sets of courses which fall under CXC & CAPE as well a series of short courses that includes the Jenkins CFBC Leadership Course.

She outlined some of the courses offered at the CXC level.

“At CXC we offer the usual CSEC, Math and English… Those are our 2 largest courses in terms of student population. Then we offer I.T. because we think it is an important subject. We have 2 sciences: Human and Social Biology, which we just discovered is required for the nursing students and we offer Chemistry and we have subjects like EDPM, Office Administration, Principles of Accounts and this year we are introducing two new subjects which are economics and English B.

The highest degree level offered currently at the A.C.E. is the Associate’s Degree.

She said at CAPE level 6 degrees are offered in Business, Accounts and Entrepreneurship, Law History, Sociology and Tourism.

Classes in the Adult and Continuing Education Division start daily at 5pm and end at 9 pm the latest.

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