CFBC Dancers working hard on ‘Dance Works’

ZIZ News…March 29 2012–The dancers of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) Dance Ensemble are anxiously awaiting April 14th, for their dance production, “DANCE WORKS”. On this day, they will showcase their love for dance while bringing a greater awareness of the arts in the Federation. As the date draws nearer, the forty-three (43) dancers are working extremely hard to guarantee a spectacular performance in dance, poetry, song and music.

Without a doubt, the ensemble is known for advocating dance as a fun discipline. After having fused their creative minds, the dancers were engaged in a number of activities which would assist them in generating an even greater appreciation of the art form. As ambassadors of dance, they created their first ever Flash Mob which was performed in Independence Square on March 16th during the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Expo, when the group gathered to perform a short, spontaneous, entertaining dance piece. One of the onlookers, St. Kitts’ very own Miss Caribbean Talented Teen 2011-2012, Shioban Phipps, commented, “I have seen several flash mobs online before but none quite like this. It was exciting and refreshing to finally see a fun flash mob performed in St. Kitts and I think the girls did an amazing job. It made me want to dance and join in the fun!” The CFBC dancers led the College’s Track & Field Team at the just concluded Interschool Championships and were also engaged in a number of dance photo shoots which allowed the dancers to explore other aspects of the dance world, showcase to the general public their strengths and bring their individuality to the art form. Director, Julie Martin always says to the dancers “Don’t just dance the dance, be the dance”.

Intense training has been offered by some of St. Kitts’ best dance professionals – Julie Martin who is also the Director of the Children’s Dance Theatre and a Lecturer at the College, Ozelle Martin, (Former President of the Ensemble) and Heidi Slack, (Director of the Fireflies School of Dance) in addition to past Ensemble members Shanda LaBega (Founder of Creative Sole) and Shara-Lee Mourillon (Artistic Director of Creative Sole), who all possess an sound artistic knowledge base in genres of dance such as African, Jazz, Modern, Abstract, Folk and Lyrical. Under their tutelage, the dancers are gaining more strength and confidence each week. Over the past 15 years, the Ensemble has been producing many dynamic, versatile dancers who upon completion of their studies at the college, continue to be involved in dance. This year will be no different as many of the members today display an undying love for this art form.

DANCE WORKS will be held at the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium at 7 p.m sharp on Saturday April 14th.

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