CFBC Hosts Cultural Fair During History And Heritage Month

(ZIZ News) — As the history and heritage month activities continue, members of the history club at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College in collaboration with the History and Heritage month celebration committee, hosted its Annual Cultural Fair at the school on Friday.

ZIZ spoke with Coordinator of The History and Heritage Club at the CFBC, Sheila Morris, who gave an overview of the cultural exhibition.

She also used the opportunity to explain the importance of having the students participate in the annual event.

“We are having an exhibition showing African artifacts and things that people used long ago. We also have some local stuff that people make and we are in conjunction with the Brimstone Hill Heritage Society that is celebrating this month. Going back to our past is the way to go because these days students (young people) do not know much about their past and you cannot go forward unless you have an idea of where you come from”, Morris explained.

The General Manager of The Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park Society who is also the Coordinator for The History And Heritage Month, Percival Hanley says that the Cultural Exhibit helps students learn more about their history.

Hanley also said that he felt quite pleased to know that the students have been actively taking part in the History and Heritage month celebrations.

During the tour of the exhibit, ZIZ saw many locally made products from previous years, black history inspired art pieces and a variety of antiques.

The History and Heritage Month activities are being held under the theme: “Statehood – A Milestone To Freedom”.

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