CFBC Hosts Open Day and Career Fair

(ZIZ News) – The grounds of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) came alive on Thursday as college departments, local businesses, regional universities and other institutions set up stalls all aiming to catch the attention of attendees at the Open Day and Career Fair.

According to officials, the goal of the Open Day was to inform prospective students and the general public about the courses and programmes offered at the college.

During the opening ceremony, President of the CFBC, Dr. Kelvin Daly, said the institution continues to play an important role in national development.

He said, “I believe that our fundamental mission at CFBC is to empower our students through the provision of quality education so that doors that were once shut can be opened, ceilings that were once constrained can be shattered. We are building a new society.”

Various businesses were also on hand to inform persons about opportunities at their institutions and what they look for in prospective employees.

Dr. Daly said colleges and businesses around the world are natural allies but more needs to be done to strengthen the partnerships so that graduates can benefit.

“While it is undeniable that progress along this spectrum has been made, it still remains, for the most part, a lose-lose proposition where students matriculate unprepared for the world of work and employees are handicapped by a skills gap. Going forward therefore, we must be sensitive to our mutual dependencies and therefore both contribute to the genesis and implementation of requisite programmes to achieve the desired outcomes,” he explained.

Minister of Education, the Hon. Shawn Richards, said the open day would help students lay the foundation to enter the career of their choice.

“They are educating students for lifetime careers. Essentially the ground work is being laid today for elevator pitches and interviews with the partners. The ultimate goal of the open day and career fair is for each student to gain workplace readiness, experiences and be prepared for the world of work,” Minister Richards stated.

Representatives of other educational institutions including the University of the Virgin Islands and Monroe College in New York City also took part, informing prospective students of what courses they have to offer.

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