CFBC Unveils Capstone Project

JalenBrowne-1(ZIZ News) — The Technical Vocational and Educational Management Studies (TVEMS) Division of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College unveiled its Information Technology Competency-based Capstone Project on Wednesday.

Under the supervision of TVEMS Senior I.T. Lecturer Mr. Ricardo Neil, two student groups revealed ideas for Information Technology-based companies.

C.E.O. of ICaribbean Co. Ltd Mr. Jalen Browne gave an overview of his company.

“At about 6 months ago, the idea of a company that can provide all your I.T. needs was conceptualized. Within the second month of nurturing this idea, it came to fruition as ICaribbean. ICaribbean was established with one clear goal in mind: a one stop shop for all the computer needs you’ve got. This unique group of individuals are enthusiasts and specialists in specific sectors of Information Technology,” he said.

JavedWattley-1Group leader and C.E.O of C.R.I.M.P. Mr. Javed Wattley spoke of the services his business will offer to its customers.

“We conceptualized the idea in the acronym CRIMP. On this basis of the services we intend to provide: cabling, repairs, installations, maintenance and program development. In a capsule it says it all. We stand as a company whose vision is to offer quality services to our nation and by extension the entire Caribbean,” he said.

KelvinDaly-6President of CFBC, Dr. Kelvin Daly urged persons present to partner with the college to help the students in areas of training and development.

“For those of you from the private sector, and many of you would have passed though, I implore you to work with us as real partners where we can get training for students and staff. Real partnership, not just by lip service but by putting boots on the ground….putting computers in classrooms, helping us develop programs for students. With your input, your help, your guidance, your co-operation, your collaboration, I believe that program will excel time and time again,” he said.

The Capstone Project is the evaluation process that each student goes through at the end of a semester.

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