CG Rebels makes it to decisive Game Three

Sports Page — Never say ‘over and out’ when it comes to the CG Rebels team. The defending local Basketball champions, dug deep on Sunday night to ensure that there will indeed be a game three in the best of three finals in the local NABA league.

Bronx Crisis was bubbling with anticipation, having won game one by two points and were definitely hoping to end the series on that night.

On this occasion, however the experienced champion team won the first three quarters very comfortably and only lost the final quarter by one point.

The final score: CG Rebels 68 Bronx Crisis 44

Game Summary:
1st quarter – CG Rebels 15 Bronx Crisis 6
2nd quarter – CG Rebels 20 Bronx Crisis 10
3rd quarter – CG Rebels 15 Bronx Crisis 9
4th quarter – CG Rebels 18 Bronx Crisis 19

Cotton Ground Rebels

J. Jeffers
13pts, 16reb, 0ass, 1steal, 3b.shot, 1/2free throw

K. Herbert
6pts 1reb, 4ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 1/2free throw

D. Wilkinson
20pts, 5reb, 2ass, 3steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw

J. France
27pts, 9reb, 1ass, 2steal, 1b.shot, 8/14free throw

D. Richards
0pts, 0reb, 0ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw

Jerry Jeffers
0pts, 0reb, 2steal, 0ass, 0b.shot, 0/2free throw

R. Browne
1pt, 7reb, 5steal, 5ass, 0b.shot, 1/2free throw

Bronx Crisis

D. Warner
1pt, 3reb 1ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 1/2 free throw

A. Stapleton
18pts, 11reb, 0ass, 1steal, 0b.shot, 5/7free throw

K. Bramble
0pts, 2reb, 0ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw

J. Lewis
0pts, 6reb, 2ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw

K. Franklyn
2pts, 5reb, 1ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw

M. Harding
6pts, 3reb, 0ass, 0steal, 2b.shot, 2/3free throw

K. Smith
4pts, 5reb, 0ass, 1steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw

J. Belle
13pts, 7reb, 1ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 3/4free throw

In the first game of the evening, Old Skool engaged Church Ground Massives to determine the third placed team in this year’s league.

The final score: OLD Skool 66 Church Ground Massives 58.

Game summary:
1st quarter – Ole Skool 16 CG Massives 7
2nd quarter – Ole Skool 16 CG Massives 10
3rd quarter – CG Massives 22 Ole Skool 15
4th quarter – Ole Skool 19 CG Massives 19

Ole Skool

O. Rawlins
Opts, 3reb, 0ass, 2steal, 0b.shot 0free throw

V. Allen
19pts, 4reb, 1ass, 3seal, 0b.shot, 1/2free throw

C. Archibald
6pts, 8reb, 2ass 4steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw

S. Matthew
4pts, 11reb, 0ass, 1steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw

D. Newton
10pts, 17reb, 6ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 0/2free throw

S. Williams
8pts, 12reb, 1ass, 2steal, 5b.shot, 0free throw

S. Calderon
16pts, 3reb, 7ass, 2steal, 0b.shot, 1/5free throw

Church Ground Massive

O. Griffin
2pts, 5reb, 3ass, 2steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw

G. Warner
0pts, 1reb, 2ass, 0stel, 0b.shot, 0fre throw

C. Hutton
14pts 9reb, 0ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 7/15free throw

G. Clarke
1pt, 11reb, 0ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 1/4free throw

R. Maynard
3pts, 7reb, 0ass, 1steal, 0b.shot, 1/2free throw

K. Esdaille
17pts, 7reb, 0ass, 0steal, 0b.sht 5/10free throw

D. Isles
0pts, 3reb, 3ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 0free throw

W. Bussue
13pts, 9reb, 2ass, 0steal, 0b.shot, 1/2free throw

Ole Skool has gained 3rd place in the Nevis League

Game three in the best of three finals will now be played on Tuesday 21st July at 7 pm.

The general public is invited out to witness this very exciting encounter.

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