Challengers Sink PJ’s

BasketballFilePhotoCSports Page — There was SKNABA action at the Grell Hull-Stevens Netball Complex on Saturday 15th June. That’s when IREP Challengers engaged home team, PJ’S.

It was a one sided affair as the home team started badly in the first quarter and never recovered.

Summary of the game:
IRep Challengers Exodus 101 to PJ’s 44 points

First Quarter Exodus 24 to PJ’s 2
Second Quarter Exodus 22 to PJ’s 13
Third Quarter Exodus 27 to PJ’s 10
Fourth Quarter Exodus 28 to PJ’s 19

IRep Challengers Exodus 101
Shawn Forbes 34poi 17reb 5ass 3ste 2b/s 6 of 6 free throw made
Taslyn Hodge 22poi 3reb 10 ass 3ste 3 of 4 free throw made
Sheno Berridge 15poi 11reb 2ass 1ste 1 of 2 free throw made
Leston Percival 8poi 16reb 1ass 3ste
Javal Hodge 16poi 3reb 5ass 1ste
Ansel Revan 5poi 7reb 1ass 8ste 2b/s 2 of 5 free throw made

PJ’s 44 points
Cheslyn Hutton 7poi 6reb 5ass 3ste 1b/s 1 of 4 free throw made
Norris Williams 14poi 7reb 1ass 1 of 2 free throw made
Gelon Weekes 8poi 11reb 1ass
Santos Calderon 9poi 1reb 1ass 1 of 4 free throw made

Next game Tuesday 17th June start of the local Finals with C G Rebels vs. Bronx Crisis 7pm

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