Champions CG Rebels go under to Brantley CG Massives

Sports Page — There were shouts of jubilation from the small but vociferous crowd at the Grell Hull-Stevens Netball Complex on Thursday night, as the matchup between champions CG Rebels and arch rivals Brantley CG Massives, climaxed into an entertaining finale.

CG Rebels entered the game sporting a depleted bench. The explanation was that some of their key players would be late.

This did not bother the Brantley CG Massives one iota, as they took the first quarter; lost the second; took the third and fought tooth and nail, to trail in the final quarter by five points.

Match summary:

CG Massive 66 – C G Rebels 63

First quarter Massive 16 Rebels 8
Second quarter Rebels 16 Massive 12
Third quarter Massive 19 Rebels 15
Fourth quarter Rebels 24 Massive 19

Halftime score 28-24 in favor of C G Massive

CG Massive 66 points
Cheslyn Hutton 30 points 4ass 12ste 3 of 5 free throw made
Kirthni Esdaille 15 points 13 rebounds 1 block shot 1 of 4 free throw made
Alistair usher 11poi 4reb 1ass 1ste 1 of 4 free throw made

CG rebels 63 points
Donford Wilkinson 30 points 8 rebounds 6 of 10 free throw made
Jenerson France 16 points 12 rebounds 2assist 3 steal 5 of 10 free throw made
Royden Brown 11 points 10 rebounds 3ass 2ste 3b/s 2 of 3 free throw made

Next game Saturday June 13th PJs vs Achievers sports club at 6 p.m
7:45pm Mark Brantley C G Massive vs. Nevlec High Voltage

Sunday June 14th
6:30 p.m. Old school vs. Yoko Construction Bronx crisis 7:45pm C G Rebels vs DSCS Dynasty Ballers

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