Champs for Charity hosts press conference ahead of BANGARANG production

(ZIZ News) — In efforts to inform the public about its upcoming fundraising initiative, The Champs for Charity Foundation hosted a press conference at The Sugar Bay Club Conference Room on Thursday.

The Champs for Charity Foundation is a non-profit organization established to provide financial and other assistance to members and groups of the St. Kitts & Nevis communities in areas of health, education and socio-economic development.

The Foundation’s Marketing and Public Relations Officer Tasha Hendrickson explained how the proceeds from the fundraiser would be distributed.

“Our first charitable donation is going towards children who are going back to school in September. We are encouraging persons to submit to us, a letter indicting their needs. That is for persons who work below EC$3500 per month. We are asking them to submit to us their need for their children so we can help them with anything they need for back to school be it books, shoes, haircuts, uniforms etc”, Hendrickson stated.

The fundraiser will take place in form of a play titled “BANGARANG”.

BANGARANG is a Jamaican term used to describe gossip, chaos or confusion.

One of the actors, Chris McFarlene gave an idea of what persons can expect.

He said “We look at living and life and how it affects us and as people of Caribbean descent or in the Caribbean, we all have similar needs, similar traits and similar ways of dealing with our issues”.

“We look at the government a lot in this production and how it affects our lives and how circumstances would lead us to do things to triumph over these circumstances”, he added.

The play will also feature well known Jamaican entertainer Keith Shebada Ramsay along with other Jamaican performers.

The BANGARANG play is slated for Saturday June 12 at 17 degrees at 8:30 pm.

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