Chartered director 3 day programme

(ZIZ News) — Directors of Caribbean organizations are learning to effectively supervise their organizations through a 3-day training programme hosted by the Caribbean Governance Training Institute in collaboration with the Financial Regulatory Commission.

Fifteen directors representing all aspects of organizations including the public and private sector, government commissions, the education sector and universities are in attendance at the chartered director 3 day programme.

Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Caribbean Governance Training Institute Dr. Chris Bart spoke with ZIZ News about the objective of the programme.

He said, “The 3 day director programme put on by the Caribbean training institute is designed to make those directors familiar with the governance essentials that will allow them to go back to their boards and help them fulfil the promise of good governance which is to make their organizations more successful.”

Dr. Bart says the 3-day programme is unique compared to other training programmes because of its ability to relay critical information in a limited amount of time, stating “It really suits the time commitments that busy directors have to make for the purpose of getting the kind of education they know they need but with time being their most precious resource, they need something to get that in a quick compact easy to understand format and of course there is the price format as well. So we have really put together a great combination which makes it very easy, convenient, enjoyable and entertaining.”

In attendance was Director of State Insurance in Antigua Alfred Shaw who had high reviews for the programme.

“It has been very informative. I think that it’s a lot of training that is useful in particularly boards around Antigua and more so in the Caribbean and I must say that i have learned a lot from the time that I’ve been here and I wish that each board in the Caribbean can have their board members attend these sessions,” he said.

Marisha Robinson, Co-Founder and Partner at Morton-Robinson Law Firm in Nevis says the programme is equipping her to qualify for future positions.

She said, “Things that I was never exposed to, obviously I might have had just basic information about governance or oversight of financial statements but not anything as in depth as what I am being exposed to now. I am going to sit the exam in the hopes of becoming a charter director and from there I know I have been invited on boards before. At least now I will be prepared for such roles if I have to take it on.”

At the end of the workshop, the directors will be given the opportunity to sit what has been described as very challenging two hour examination.

Upon passing, each person will earn the right to use the designation chartered director and insert the post-nominal “C.Dir.” after their names.

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