Children at Montessori academy showcase their science skills

Montesorri student

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis, March 6, 2013 — Students at the Montessori Academy located on Pump Road on Wednesday showcased their science knowledge during their third annual science fare held on the school’s premises.

Children from all grades participated in the well attended fare. The school’s Principal, Denise Morgan, said the objective of the fare was to showcase what the children have learnt during the last two terms in school and to show they fully understand the concepts.

Some of the knowledge displayed included mechanisms of breathing, how sand dunes are formed, pollination of a flower, the functions of a bladder, water molecules, magnetic attraction, electro magnetism, acids and bases, complex machines and chemical reaction.

Dr. Srinivasan Rangarajan, a parent and a Professor at the Medical university of the Americas was impressed by the children’s display. “It keeps getting better. It was a presentation of everything, physics, chemistry,health, sciences and basic science.

“The Montessori approach enables a child to know, everything we do there is science. It makes them look at things in a scientific way. It goes a long way in developing good researchers and good scientists able to see science everywhere.”

Another parent, Mitchelle Forbes, said, “They are able to reproduce the knowledge in real life. They were able to display small and complex machines as well. They are able to describe what they are learning.”

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