Children, Senior Citizens and the Working Population to Benefit from Government’s Healthcare Initiatives

TeamUnity-3St. Kitts and Nevis will soon have a comprehensive National Health Insurance Plan, as the Team Unity-led government has promised its commission as the main health initiative in its “Prosperity for All” manifesto.

While it is not yet known who will lead the country’s health ministry, Team Unity has promised that that person and their team will work with Social Security, employers and trade unions to determine the best mechanism for the development of the scheme and the payment of premiums via payroll contributions.

The government has also promised to remove Value Added Tax [VAT] from the cost of medicine, and convalescent, infant and elderly food and supplies; invest in higher-end medical equipment to address chronic and serious illnesses; and re-tool and upgrade Mary Charles, Alexandra, Pogson and Joseph N. France hospitals with up-to-date equipment, quality renovations, staffing and medicines.

Children are also expected to benefit from the national insurance programme. This, according to the manifesto, will be done via school registration.

Plans will also be rolled out to modernize medical record-keeping in order to expedite the delivery of health care on the island.

In the area of health care initiatives for the elderly, the government has promised to establish and upgrade purpose-built facilities with medical professionals in the field of geriatric medicine and provide complimentary transportation to the elderly who must receive health care.

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