Children’s Home Thanksgiving Service

(ZIZ News) On Saturday afternoon the St. Kitts Children’s Home paid tribute to the pioneers who brought the institution into existence.

A dedication and thanksgiving ceremony was held at the home to honor Millicent Neverson, whose vision led to the founding of the Children’s Home.

Sebastian Mottram
Sebastian Mottram

Chairperson of the St. Christopher Children’s Home and Service League, Sebastian Mottram spoke of Mrs Neverson’s work.

“It all started with the energy and determination of one woman, Mrs. Millicent Neverson, who in 1935 launched her ‘Million Penny Scheme’ with the ultimate vision of providing a place of safety for children. Maintaining what Mrs. Neverson started has been a spectacular journey for people past and present. Today will give us an opportunity to bring them to the forefront and show them our appreciation,” he said.

Among those present were Minister of Community Development, the Hon. Eugene Hamilton, and Ambassador to the United Nations, His Excellency Sam Condor

This year the Children’s Home is celebrating its 65th anniversary.

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