CICC holds stakeholders meeting

Mona Whyte
Mona Whyte

(ZIZ)– A representative from the Caribbean Climate Innovation Centre is on-island to meet with key stakeholders to further sensitize the federation on grant funding.

Representative from the CICC, Mona Whyte explained the purpose of the visit.

“It’s a World Bank initiative, INFODEV, to be specific and it is intended to focus on Caribbean entrepreneurs, we looking for persons with bright new ideas,” she said.

These meetings come after a recently concluded market demand survey of both the private and public sectors in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Telojo Valerie Onu
Telojo Valerie Onu

Telojo Valerie Onu, CEO of Quintessence Consulting Inc said these meetings raise awareness of several issues.

“What climate change technology is because i think that’s the term that we use loosely but people need to understand exactly what air thematic areas are, covered and the climate change technologies. It’s also to raise awareness as to what the opportunities are available to…perspective entrepreneurs as well as existing businesses,” she said.

This grant scheme is available to entrepreneurs with concepts or prototypes that fall within five areas; resource use efficiency/recycling, water & waste management, sustainable agribusiness, solar energy and energy efficiency.

The deadline for the current proposal is April 20th 2014.

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