CISOCA investigating apparent rape video posted to FB

(Jamaica Observer) KINGSTON, Jamaica – The Centre for Investigations of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) has commenced a probe into an apparent rape video posted to Facebook yesterday.

The user who posted the video has come under heavy backlash since.

The footage, which is a recording of sexual intercourse between a man and a seemingly unwilling female participant, was posted from the account of a man Facebook users allege is 25 years old.

The sobbing female could be heard saying “Odane no, Odane no”, while begging him to stop.

She said, “Odane please, you wouldn’ waan nobody do your sister so, so please!”

The sobs continued.

“But yuh diss me,” the man argued. “Odane please,” the female begged again.

The dialogue continued with him warning the female: “Weh mi seh? Stop di ….noise. One word out a yuh mouth an me shot yuh a bax.”

The video has attracted several unfavourable comments with angry Facebook users accusing the man of being a rapist.

A post to his profile since the video went viral reads: “All who a talk bout rape get this in a unnu heads, mi neva rape from mi born…”

The Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) told OBSERVER ONLINE Tuesday that they are aware of the video and that CISOCA is investigating the matter.

CCU said they are, however, unable to divulge further information because of the sensitive nature of the case.

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