Citizenship by Investment Unit to be Improved

(ZIZ News) – IPSA International representative, Les Khan is concentrating on the way forward and recommendations for the Citizenship by Investment Unit in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Speaking at Thursday’s CBI Consultation, Khan said improvements have already been made and those that can be expected within the next few months include staff changes.

“Within the last few months, staff with related skill sets have been hired. These individuals bring experience from a Regulator, Immigration and a highly regulated sector and will contribute to the overall vetting of files. This addition to staff was in response to the need to address, not only the vetting process but to continue to improve the level of support in this critical business,” he stated.

Khan said continued staff evaluation would occur to ensure that personnel positioning will be made to improve efficiency in the process.

The IPSA representative said in addition to staff changes, the organisational structure of the department needs to be reviewed.

“With the intent of improving the management of workflow, both from a manual and system perspective, these changes will assist in providing more control in the day to day file processing and these are consistent with the recommendations we made last year,” he said.

Last year, IPSA visited the unit while it was in the midst of working through a system implementation.

At that time, they were working very closely with developers and have since made significant progress in getting the system to a level where it can start rolling out.

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