Civil Servants In The NIA Complete Supervisory Management Training Course

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (April 21, 2021) – – Twenty public servants at the mid-level management level in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) are being commended for completing a five-week Supervisory Management Training Course organised by the Ministry of Human Resources.


At a closing ceremony at the Nevis Disaster Management Department conference room on Tuesday, April 20, Hon. Mark Brantley, Premier and Minister of Human Resources in the NIA, congratulated the public servants on completing the training. He encouraged them to apply what they had learned as they continue to serve the public.


“I want to congratulate all of you on this achievement on satisfying the rigorous work and exams that you would have had over the past several weeks. The idea behind this training is to seek to continue to retool and equip ourselves to offer the best possible service to the members of the public whom we serve.


“Please go back to your respective departments and apply what you have learned. This was not just an academic exercise. This is intended to provide you with better tools and to sharpen the tools you already have so when you go back, those whom you work with can have the benefit of this training as well and so I encourage you, I thank you, I congratulate you and I wish you all the very best going forward,” he said.


The Premier reminded the government employees that all members of the civil service, himself included, serve the public and therefore they have a responsibility to ensure that the public has a good experience whenever they interact with public servants.


“There’s a reason why this is called public service, that is, because we serve the public, and it really warms my heart when members of the public call me or comment favorably and say what a wonderful experience they would have had interacting with our public servants.


“Equally it bothers me and hurts me deeply when they say they had a terrible experience with our public servants,” he said.


The Premier counseled the participants to apply the leadership tools and techniques learned during the course to better manage the persons under their supervision.


Mr. Pearlievan Wilkin, educator and former senior civil servant, facilitated the course which began March 16, 2021. He described the training as a worthwhile initiative and expressed satisfaction with the level of competence the group had shown during the course.


“From the discussions we had they gained a lot, because they were able to take certain concepts and discuss them in forums and lead groups.


“They did well. A lot of the concepts were new to them and I am pleased that they learned, and that they demonstrated camaraderie and fellowship. Among them you had different levels of ability but I am satisfied they have the potential,” he said.


The participants attended two full days of training each week. Areas covered included supervisory management, leadership qualities, the difference between leaders and managers, leadership styles, leadership behaviors, directing and coaching, and the systems approach to management theory.


At the end of the training the participants sat an exam that Mr. Wilkin said he would normally give to persons taking the course at the University of the West Indies.


He said more than 85 percent of the group received passing grades.


Mrs. Shanola Murrey-Gill, Training Officer in the NIA Ministry of Human Resources also commended the participants.


“You have done a very good job. Throughout the duration of the course I have taken some time to observe your general behavior, your attendance, your attentiveness, your willingness to share your experience and your concerns, your effort to complete your final test.


“You have certainly demonstrated some key leadership qualities and I commend you,” she said.

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